North Bristol Mountain Bike Club

The Club

A bristol mountain bike club for riders from all over Bristol and the South West

no matter where you live come along and have a fun ride, over 16 only unless accompanied by an adult. The club is completely free with no joining fee or membership, we just love riding mountain bikes with like minded people.We ride XC,trail and DH all over the UK and abroad. Local rides are generally at Ashton Court and Leigh Woods on a Sunday morning meeting at around 09:00am in North Road as we all have families so we can still be back around lunch time and earn some much needed brownie points? We also try and get at least 2 evening rides a week if and when we can. Have a look around the site and ig you like what you see then join the forum and post if you fancy a ride.No Fees - no contract, just fun Lots of fun Learn the local trails Weekend and evening ride Get advice on bikes, biking gear and bike maintenance(we have been around MTB for such a long time we have already fallen in all the pit falls) We also organize rides over the bridge to sunny South Wales to some of the trail centers, weekends away and also in Europe. It’s not all riding, we will be organizing social events as well, and we have our website so we can chat, plan and share our photos. No Drop means no rider gets left behind. Ride leaders endeavor to accompany the slowest rider(s) in your group, so the slower riders do not feel abandoned. No one gets abandoned. No Pressure means that all rides are fun, relaxed trail rides. If you feel the need to walk a section of trail because you're not ready for it, no one will force you or make you feel inadequate for not riding above your level. No Ego! means every rider is treated as an equal, no matter what their level.